Cover Your Tracks

December 1, 2015

By: Saria

On first hearing about FGM…

by a young women (23 years old)

I first came across FGM in my final year of Anthropology at university when we were in a Human Rights seminar.

The tutor put on a video and warned those of us who find things squeamish to look away. He was calm and collected and pretty detached about the topic area. We watched some graphic scenes and tried to come to terms with what we were witnessing.

I remember thinking that any kind of pain inflicted on a person without their consent was undeniably wrong.

I remember feeling shocked and scared by what I was seeing.

It was completely horrific but in one sense my eyes had been opened to a practise which has hurt more girls than I can even comprehend – and more eyes need to be opened to this.

We collectively came to an uncomfortable conclusion – FGM was completely invasive of young girls and inflicted an unprecedented amount of pain.

Sing. Shout. Smile. Laugh. Live. #EndFGM

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