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As a general role, a lot of the approaches to taking a good photo are the same as taking a good video with the exception of a couple of things.

  1. Stability of the shot
  2. Editing the footage afterwards
  3. Sound
  • Stabilizing the shot can be worked around pretty easily. If you’re filming on your phone you can invest in a small cheap tripod that will keep you from filming with shaky hands. For short interviews or shots, a little shakiness should be ok though.
  • Always try to film in landscape mode (lengthwise) as when you upload the video on Youtube or Vimeo, you’ll find that portrait mode leaves black bars on either side of the footage.
  • Sound is a lot harder to correct for after filming. The audio on a phone isn’t great but can work if it’s a quiet environment like a room. However if you need that extra boost and are doing a lot of interviews or “vox pops” (literally meaning voice of the people) consider buying an external mic. They go up in price depending on the quality of mics but if you’re doing occasional voice interviews and want that “extra boost” go with something like the Zoom Mic which you can usually find a bit cheaper on sites like Ebay. For any handheld “shotgun” mics like these second hand works just as well as good equipment lasts for awhile.
  • Once you have shot your video, you can either plug it in to your laptop and drag the footage directly from the phone to your computer or simply email it to yourself and download it. Youtube and Vimeo have basic editing once you upload the footage but you can check out these programmes if you want to get more creative with your editing.


Free Editing Software

  1. Openshot: is a free, open-source video editor for Linux
  2. Kdenlive: is a free and open-source video editor for GNU/Linux, FreeBSD and Mac OS X
  3. Windows Movie Maker: is a free, simple editing software for windows
  4. Lightworks: is a pro video editing software for Windows, Linux, and Mac
  5. Kate’s Video Toolkit: is a very simple and easy software for Windows
  6. Free Video Converter: (Windows) also has basic editing tools like trimming and joining clips


Free audio editing

  1. Audacity: is a free, easy-to-use, multi-track audio editor and recorder for Windows, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux
  2. Free Audio Editor: can easily record and edit audio files (for Windows)
  3. Ocen Audio: features a very simple interface and a good amount of power (for Windows)
  4. Audio Editor Tool: is an iOS app with very simple interface and editing tools