Cover Your Tracks

Text of the video below

Promoting your blogs, photos, and videos is a great idea and really helps more people to be aware of and use the website. If you have friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media platforms who you think would like to read your work, start spreading the word!


  1. Post links and photos on FB/Twitter, etc. – think about how much info comes at you every day and what posts really make you stop. Or better yet interact!
  2. Always link to your blog or photos on the website – social media is meant to drive people to your website which is like your digital “home.” You want people to the homepage and stay for a while, getting as much out of the website as possible. If in doubt, all roads lead back to the website.


  1. It seems pretty obvious but don’t include any offensive language or overtly graphic photos. First of all, the social media powers that be will probably take it down if it’s reported and secondly, you want to make people aware of FGM issues and appeal to people who might be pushed away from the wrong type of content.
  2. Don’t post long-winded text on Facebook. It’s supposed to hook readers (like the header to your content) and encourage them to click on the link to learn more.