Cover Your Tracks

Everybody’s Business has a responsibility to make sure that girls, boys and young people are all safe from harm.

We also have to follow all the laws linked to FGM and child protection. This means that if we get information that a child is potentially or actually at risk of significant harm we need to inform social care and/or the police.


In some instances if you send us information or a blog we will need to inform a safeguarding adult know. These instances include:

  • If you talk about your experiences of FGM or if you tell us that you have undergone FGM and are under 18 years old.
  • If you are worried that you will undergo FGM.
  • If you are worried that someone else you know might be at risk of undergoing FGM

This is to help make sure that you and other girls around you, for example your cousins or siblings are safe.


We might also need to get in touch with you to establish some information (e.g. name, date of birth and address). We will always try our best to make sure that you are supported through this process and will try to keep you as informed as we can about the steps that we need to take.

It’s your right to feel safe, happy and healthy and the adults are you have a responsibility to make sure that this happens.

Although this can sound scary – it’s really important to know that adults are here to get you support and help and that having safeguarding professionals involved is not about getting anyone in trouble or punishing them.

If you want any support or help you can

find ways to get support on our Get Support Page

or get in touch with us on: