Cover Your Tracks

Who looks after the blog posts and posts things up?

FGM is Everybody’s Biz has a Youth Moderator who is there to help with blog posts, deals with any problems you might have on the site and makes sure that our website and blogs stay a safe and welcoming space.

All blogs will be sent to the Youth Moderator who will post them up. You can get in touch with our Youth Moderator on:

In addition there are resources and training on our Training and Rosources Page that could be useful. Check it out Here.


How old do I need to be to post a blog

The website and blogs are aimed at people over the age of 13 and under the age of 26. This is because some of the topics, and FGM in particular, can be quite graphic and could be distressing.

In some cases those over the age of 26 and under the age of 30 can post on our blog – but aren’t eligible to enter competitions.


Are there rules to what I can and can’t post


We need to make sure that our site stays a safe and supporting place to be. Before submitting blogs check out our Blog Rules and also our Content Guidance that can give you an idea about the topics that can be discussed and how they should be discussed.


Will my blog get checked before it goes up


Our Youth Moderator will check any blogs submitted to us before uploading them. If your blog doesn’t fit with the blog rules or the content guidance, the Youth Moderator will send you an email explaining why. This will give you an opportunity to think through your blog and you are more than welcome to make changes and resubmit it.

The Youth Moderator will also let a safeguarding adult know if you have said something that they are really worried about. This is to make sure that you stay safe and get support.


How will I know if someone responded to my blog?

Any responses to blogs that have been written will be sent to the Youth Moderator. The Youth Moderator will then get in touch with you to let you know that there has been a response to your blog.

Your contact details will never be shared with anyone unless you give us permission to do that.

We recommend that you have a read of our staying safe online guidance that talks about sharing contact details.


I have seen something that I don’t like on the blogs, who do I tell?

If there is something you are worried about then please let the Youth Moderator know. This can be done by emailing


I have an idea or feedback about FGM everybody’s biz, who can I tell?

We would love to hear your ideas and feedback. Send it across to us on