Cover Your Tracks

Post with respect

Treat other people as you would like to be treated and keep blogs appropriate and sensitive. It is important to remember that FGM is a sensitive topic that can be distressing for some people. You might find that it helps to re-read your message before you post it. Sometimes, what sounds okay when typing can sound different when you read it back to yourself. Check out our content guidance for more information about tone and language.

Think before you share

Sharing your story on the blog can be a really positive experience. However, talking about personal details could also make you feel a little vulnerable and worried. Before you share anything, try to imagine how you will feel once you’ve posted it. Remember you don’t need to share everything at once. Talking about feelings, instead of facts, can help you feel comfortable on the boards.

Be careful what you share online

Don’t share any personal information about yourself or someone else you know in your blog posts. Particularly personal information that can make you easily identifiable e.g. surnames, links to social media profiles. For more information about staying safe online please check out:

Avoid discriminatory and disrespectful language

Avoid writing blogs that blame whole communities, use racially offensive, homophobic, transphobic and remarks that are offensive to specific groups, people or individuals. Avoid using threatening and aggressive language and minimize swearing